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3 Essential Tips To Rank in Google

Google have a continually changing algorithm which serves to remove spam websites from their results and to provide users with the most relevant page possible.  If you are searching for a local bakery, you should see bakeries near you and not the other side of the world! We always advise clients on best practices and […]

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Call To Action | Blogging

When writing a blog many people forget one very important thing.. CALL TO ACTION! This applies to pay per click advertising, video marketing, an email campaign.. Basically every web site that is commercially viable. There is a simple marketing rule to follow and that is AIDA or: Attention Interest Desire Action You need to satisfy […]

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Video Marketing

Did you know that more people will stay on your website rather than click ‘back’ when the first thing they see is a video. Video has proven time and again to get people interested about your products and services, here are some reasons why: 1) People are fully engaged with video because it is an […]

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