Protect Your Contactless Card

Everyday more and more people call the police about money being stolen. With so many ways of committing the crime it becomes more and more difficult to prevent it from happening. Using a second ‘decoy’ purse and limiting the amount of cash you carry around all helps but this can’t help you with the latest trick in the conman’s black book of tricks.

Without a doubt most people are now accustomed to carrying just a bit of plastic. Whether it is a company credit card, your personal debit card or loads of store cards. These are the latest target. With the technology already developed in almost all retailers the touch payment has opened up the door for the latest scam in stealing your money.

With no need for a pin number or signature the touch process is very dangerous, especially in the wrong hands. The latest scam has the ability to swipe over your card and take details in seconds, like at the till point. Working through even the fabric of your purse or wallet. The scanners can be an actual gadget or on a mobile phone so it is such a fast movement you will not know that someone has just obtained all your data.

Protecting your credit and debit cards is actually really easy. There are a couple of options you can choose. One is a handmade version using everyday materials you will have at home. Using cardboard cut outs, the same size as a credit card, wrapped in aluminium foil and duct tape can form a makeshift force field to prevent any scanners obtaining your details. The inserts fit inside the slots in your purse or wallet but you can also create a little pouch for your cards in the same way to insert in the zip pocket.

If a handmade aluminium foil bundle is a bit much for you to carry around every day there are premade accessories you can buy which are made of aluminium. Acting like a standard credit card holder they still have the ability to prevent any scanners from getting your card details.

Though many people just say to have 2 cards together to confuse the scanners it is still unsafe especially if manually corrected. The thief will then have 2 of your cards. By getting aluminium protection your credit cards will be safe from the latest scam.

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