Beating the big corporates at the marketing game

One of the ways it is possible to market a new site for launch purposes is to look at sponsoring. There are many charities and good causes that are always happy to provide reverse linking opportunities for the return of income or joint promotion.

In addition there is always the opportunities presented by media outlets when delivering good local news or even local business promotion through social media.

Take, a website in the highly competitive branch (excuse the pun) of timber sleepers for garden landscaping.

how is it even possible for a site of this size that only sells railway sleepers to compete with the likes of Wickes or B&Q?

The simple fact is it can’t. The small business sites of local trades do not have the same resources to be able to throw at the marketing side so have to compete on the local level, but again a quick search of ‘Railway Sleepers’ would return hundreds of small websites who sell this popular product to the public at the local level.

For this you need to ensure that the local elements of the marketing are also included, so were the site in Havering you would have to market to the conventionally smaller market place of Havering rather than the bigger marketplace of London.

This restricts the number of people coming to the site but it does guarantee you more effective sale opportunities by marketing to a smaller demographic, many of whom will prefer to deal with a local company as long as they;

  • Offer the same high quality product
  • Offer the same low prices
  • Offer a low and fast delivery service that can match or rival the bigger competitors

And don’t forget you also need to be able to offer secure and fast processing with a wide range of choices of payment methods.

Once you can do this then you have the chance to compete at small level with a restricted number of clients in a smaller area than that which you could probably service.

Let’s go back to This is a small company servicing a large area – London.

Now aside from trying to get quality link backs such as Railway Sleepers London, ‘you really won’t be disappointed!’ type of link marketing (see what I did there), the real prospect of getting a wider market share is hinged massively on generating opportunities through the provision of extra-service levels.

They will have to ensure that their site is friendlier, easier to use and provides something of value that you cannot get from the bigger corporates. usually for smaller companies, that is a level of knowledge that simply cannot be trained int o in-house sales staff.

Of course this is a double edged sword, because if you fill your website with oodles of useful unique and qualified product knowledge, you are essentially giving your major competitors the information that they can then re-write and put on their own sites.

Plus as they have probably around 30 people working on the creation of site it is likely they take improve and garnish your information to make their information more attractive skill. Not least because they also employ qualified designers who make it look prettier.

If you are a small business trying to compete then you have only last trick up your sleeve that the big boys cannot match you on – unrivaled personalised customer service.

They can steal your information, but do they really understand it?

Would they understand the context in which your products are used?

So you need to give your potential customers clear access to your specialised knowledge, make it easy to contact you direct and be happy to take phone orders instead.

Of course you still need a vibrant and exciting website to encourage the contact – so take heart and don’t give up too soon. There are always ways to win

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