Video Marketing

Did you know that more people will stay on your website rather than click ‘back’ when the first thing they see is a video.

Video has proven time and again to get people interested about your products and services, here are some reasons why:

1) People are fully engaged with video because it is an audio visual experience. Plain text takes more effort to read and doesn’t have the same visual flare a video does.

2) Video can express emotion far better. A certain type of music can get someone excited, relaxed, sad or happy so use this to your advantage!

3) Video when recorded correctly looks professional! It sets you aside from others because you have taken the trouble to make it and presented key information that will benefit your customers.

4) Video can contain so much more information in a short space of time. Think about explaining how a process or product works by using slides and voice over, it makes ‘Getting it’ very easy for your customers.

At Complete Organic Media we can help you from start to finish in terms of recording, editing, encoding and putting the video on your website. Our knowledge and experience means everything is done well first time and a reliable structure for your website prioritised. We even conduct thorough market research and look at how we can apply search engine optimisation to give you the best return from your video (more website visits / sales / phone enquiries etc.).

If your customers deserve a better experience when they visit your website and you don’t want them to go and buy from a competitor who is sensible enough to use video, ring us now. We are here to help 01908 886903.